Operation American Eagle - NOV 8TH! (I don't know about you, but I sure am nervous)

I have officially become a living Law School exam question. That’s right, numerous friends (and by numerous, I mean 2) who are currently in Immigration Law this semester have approached me with possible solutions to Theresa’s immigration woes, and I hate to say it, but both of the students were unequivocally incorrect, which means, of course, that I would give them each a B+. (I do not wish to show any disrespect to the people who tried to help me out, for I appreciate their concern and fully understand that they are not finished the class and did not know all of the facts of my case, but I just couldn’t resist making a joke about how completely incorrect answers on Law School exams would get a B+). But anyway, although my wife’s predicament has, without contest, occupied the majority of my mental activity and my days of loneliness outweigh the enjoyable experiences that fill these pages, I have yet to actually write a full post about our struggles because, since I have long since grown out of the phase where middle-class teenagers who have never experienced real hardship believe their immature whines are legitimate forms of communication, I refuse to dwell on the negative. Accordingly, the fact that I have decided to write an immigration post today means there is actually something positive to say. So, since so many of you have offered your support and are curious to know about my wife’s current situation, here is a quick rundown:

Theresa is applying for an immigration visa, and because she is married to an American, the process is fairly quick and straightforward. Unfortunately, in immigration terms quick means a number of months instead of a number of years. We have all the paperwork finished and now merely have to wait for the consulate to schedule an interview, immediately after which, Theresa will be issued her visa and become a permanent resident. The interview will probably take place in December or January.

In the meantime, because she has an immigrant visa pending, Theresa is a “potential immigrant,” and cannot enter the States unless she can prove that she will return to Canada. Well, we tried crossing already, and were turned around for various reasons. Well, after numerous meetings with UVa’s office of international students, we have come up with a plan in which Theresa will attempt to enter the United States again. I have labeled this mission, “Operation: American Eagle,” partly because Theresa will fly into this country like the bird that is its national symbol, but mostly because her at least 90% clothing will, like any other day, almost certainly have come from American Eagle (yes there are American Eagle stores in Canada). Now don’t get me wrong, even though the code name may suggest otherwise, there is nothing illegal about the operation: we have merely carefully calculated the most favorable set of circumstances and arguments that will give Theresa the highest chance of making it across the line. We have even talked to the border she will go to, and they claim we have a convincing case. However, there is always a chance they will deny her entry anyway.

The Bottem Line: Theresa has a flight on Wed, Nov. 8, and there is a good, but not perfect, chance that she will be able to cross into this country and wait here until she gets her interview. Needless to say, I will not be able to breathe from the moment I wake up on that day until I receive word that everything went according to plan.

Wish us luck.

I’m sorry if this post was boring, I promise I’ll be back to my own self next time.


laura said...

this was not boring, and i even laughed aloud in class. and, most importantly, good luck! keep us posted! i suppose that is weird since i do not actually know you, but as khang says--i just have lower social thresholds than most. but i hope everything goes well on nov. 8!

laura said...

it's december 10 and i still don't know what happened! i'll assume that your lack of time to post means that all went according to plan. i hope so.