Moderately Down?!

So, I just took the "Indie Scene Quiz" on CNN.com to find out how "indie" I was, despite the fact that, as one of the largest news companies on the planet, CNN would seem to the casual observer to not be the best place to learn about a movement that is commited to avoiding anything mainstream. Turns out, because I scored 5/10 I am "Moderatly Down," mostly, I think, because I do not consider The Clash to be the only band that ever really mattered, or it might be because dispite all of my best efforts, I cannot seem to shake my embarrassing habit of listening to Dashboard Confessional, even though it is probally Pitchfork's most hated band, and really shouldnt be of any interest to anyone over the age of 17 (even my 20 year-old wife has grown out of them). In order to improve my Hipster Rating, I have decided to cunsult with Dean Jefferies, who, as demonstrated by his astute criticicm of The Dave Matthew's Band, seems to have his ear on the pulse of the new music scene. In any case, I definatly should stop studying right now for my Civ Pro midterm and start making an outline of Pitchfork Media.