Happy Thanksgiving Folks

Yes, it is thanksgiving time up in the north country, and I would just like to express what I am most thankful for on this fine holiday. I am, of course thankful for my lovely and adoring wife, Theresa. Thats it, I'm sorry but your not going to get one of my almost tiring sentences that are amusing at first, but just seem to ramble on forever without much point or substance whatsoever, not unlike a Mars Volta song, but I felt that i might, on this occation, perhap take the time to actually express my feelings without sarcasm, because, and its a little known fact, Randal Miller is able to make a sencere declaration of love once and a while. In fact, Thanksgiving may be my new holiday, since it is giving me the chance to see Theresa after six long weeks. Needless to say I am more excited than a schoolgirl in a candy shop full of stuninly attractive and agreeable schoolboys (much like the guys of section J).


davecharliebrown said...

Wahoo!!! Tell her hello from all of us, and that we can't wait to meet her!