More Canadian Knowledge

I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the Canada quiz online and submitted your scores. Right now the most knowledgeable Canadian who has responded was my Dad and his nerdy engineering friends, who scored 36/40. In close second is Petey from back in E-town. Way to go. And by the way, it seemed like I miss-keyed the online version of the quiz (it's corrected now): Question 6 of the Entertainment section previously listed the answer as C-John Candy, but it is now corrected as B-Jim Carey. If you haven't already taken the quiz, scroll down a big and give it a try!

And to prevent this post from submitting to complete boardom, here is a extra special bonus question I came up with while watching a very informative program about Canada Called "The Great White North":

Who are Bob and Doug Mackenzie?
A. Canada's only brothers who were both Prime Minister
B. A famous Father-son team of quantum physicists who were recently awarded an honorary degree at Oxford
C. The two conductors of the Toronto Symphony
D. A couple of beer-swigging blockheads

Find out the answer here


Anonymous said...

Can I add an extra point for getting this one right?
By the way, I'm enjoying the link. I don't think I ever seen any Great White North before. Haven't seen Strange Brew either. Many people have questioned my Canadian citizenship because of it but at least I know who they are!