Now That I've Tried MP3 Blogging, All That Is Left Is...

Photo-Blogging: The latest tool for photographers, world travelers and new mothers alike. Considering my propensity for bandwagon-jumping, I decided to try my hand at this latest craze, so Theresa and I set out on Saturday to create a photographic guide to our town. Charlottesville is particularly known for its lush greenery and spectacular Jeffersonian Architecture, and in this Photo-blog, I hope to be able to convey the grandeur of these impressive forests buildings.

To begin, here is a lovely example of the dense Charlottesville foliage

No tour of C-ville would be complete without a stop at Thomas Jefferson's Montecello

And then to Jefferson's other passion: the University of Virgina. This room has been named the most beautiful in America

C-Ville's Newest addition: the breathtaking John Paul Jones Arena

One of our town's animal inhabitants

and to cap it off: The artist himself

I hope you all enjoyed my experimentation with photo-blogging. I may be wrong, but it think it turned out pretty well. I guess I just have a natural talent for this photography stuff


Anonymous said...

Ok I have looked over your pictures again, and I think I was getting caught up in the traditional expectations of photography. I appreciate them much more now, the framing, the angles, the selective focus. The one I'm still confused about is Thomas Jefferson's Montecello. I don't know what I'm looking for, maybe you could help me out?