The Lost Art

I have repeatedly noted that I didn't want to use my blog as a "this is what I did this week." But that being said, this is what I did this weekend:

I would like to thank our gracious host of this weekend, Katy, for her hospitality on not one, but two entertaining nights of stimulating conversation--truly a lost art, perhaps better appreciated by people like her and us, who do not have TV (that's right-no TV: not even peasant-vision). Some of the topics of our conversation included, but are not limited to the following, taken completely out of context*:

perfect mango cutting, diarrhea at inopportune moments, cats sleeping on babies' heads, Albertan confederates, dead sharks, mandatory perisol distribution at county fairs, corn queens, booing the melting pot, the KKK, the unimportance or need of sweetener in fruit drinks, nude dancers selling vegetables, how the chupacabra gets around so fast, being hit by flying sugar-beats, a school-room full of children with melted faces, vacation hotspots for seniors, fist-fights on amusement park rides, how the sasquatch brings families together, toxic cantaloupe, X-tream bocce ball, autistic possums, missionaries with cigarettes and condoms and bikini magazines, fake German newscasts, Unicorns (in more than one context), lying to carnies, cultural "Salads" political debate vs. sitting in a field with a rifle, proselyting for TV shows as opposed to the Book of Mormon, how John Heder is totally hot and cool, the "tank-top temple's" dress code, and the lack of a solid policy on Canadian annexation by any of the US presidential candidates.

We also posed to ourselves this question: if you were stuck on a desert island and could only listen to four bands, which would you choose? Well, we allowed responders to name artists, which meant that we could listen to all of their music. We'll with these qualifications, I took advantage of the diffuse nature of Canadian Indie Rock and named the following:

Spencer Krug: which include the bands Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Frog Eyes, Destroyer and Swan Lake.
Torquil Campell: which include Stars, Memphis, and Broken Social Scene
Win Butlar: The Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre
Thom Yorke (not Canadian): Radiohead and Thom Yorke

*Actual, honest-to-goodness topics that were discussed.


Sarah H said...

What Intellectually stimulating conversation. :) Good Times.

Just Katy said...

Yes, as you say, not having a television can have scarring effects.