The Lonely Monuments

Happy Vacation to the Edmonton Millers - otherwise known as my parents. This week, Theresa and I had the great privilege of hosting my parents during their 10 day Virginia Vacation Odyssey, and let me tell you, with all of the Historic attractions within a couple of hours of Charlottesville, my dad was like a kid in a candy store (or, I suppose, more like a nerdy kid in a library). During the past 5 days, we have been to Williamsburg, Monticello, Short Pump, The White House and Museum of the Confederacy, Stanton, Buena Vista, and, last but not least, the nation's capital, Washington DC.

As for this last location, anyone who has had the pleasure of engaging with me in a discussion on municipal politics would be aware of my feelings towards monuments. If I am ever elected mayor of a town, my first and biggest priority would be to erect copious amounts of statues, fountains, pillars, columns, obelisks, cenotaphs and other monuments to remind my citizens of the great heroes of the past. And so, you could probably imagine that I would be like the afore-mentioned child in a city that is as rife with monuments as Washington DC. And so, given my newfound aptitude for photography and photo-blogging, I have below chronicled just a small segment of the capital city's many monuments. But, being the statue connoisseur that I am, I have left out the pictures of the more famous monuments and instead included some of the lessor-known statues that do not get the recognition they deserve (and are probably pretty lonely for want of attention):

Some Guy Named Sheppard

Lincoln with a creepy looking kid

The statue in front of that building right beside the White House

A monument that look strikingly similar to Mexico's "Angel de la Independencia"

A flaming sword, dedicated to some division from one war or another

Garfield, I think

Some naked people with turtles spitting water in their faces

Some stern guy with a scroll

Well, there you have it: some of DC's forgotten statues