The American Way - Get Someone Else To Do It

I am becoming more and more American-like every day. For example, I have joined in the great American movment of the 21st century: Outsourcing. That's right, I am probably the only Research Assistant who has his own research assistant.

Don't get me wrong, I actually do all the research I am required to for my job myself, but there is quite a bit of personal research that a law student in this day and age needs to get done. This research is on Law Firms and Professors and such, and I, being an innovative fellow, have hired a very talented and intelligent assistant to help me out. And the best part is that I am paying her in milkshakes.

You see, my dear sweet wife has a little more time on her hands than I do, and has graciously offered to help me with the seemingly endless pile of work that I need to get done on top of my job requirements. Thanks pooky pie*

*note: the term 'pooky pie' has never actually been uttered in our household, and is used here purely for the embarrassment of Theresa.