This Has Offically Become An MP3 Blog (or at least one of those wannabe blogs because i'm just taking the songs from other sites)

I, having for the seventeenth time, announced myself to be an avid follower of the Canadian indie rock seen, was presented with this request: Why don't you put some playlists up on your blog. And, since the request came during our Canada Day party, I have decided to post an all-Canadian list. Now, a few years ago and with the Arcade Fire leading the way, Canada came bursting onto the indie scene as the new hotbed of talented musicians. Now, in 2007, many of those bands that created the scene are back with new albums. Indeed, with some great albums already released this year, and a number on their way, the big 07 is poised to be a big one for Canada's best and brightest. So below, I proudly present a list of songs from some of Canada's top indie bands from albums either already released this year, or are scheduled to be let loose in the coming months. But this is no ordinary list--it is an MP3 list, so you can go ahead and listen to or download the songs (right click the link and select "download linked file"). And don't worry, all you law abiding citizens, these downloads are legal.

Do Make Say Think: The Universe
From The Album: You, You're A History In Rust (Feb)
A nice post-rock (instrumental) song from some broken-Social Scenesters.

Arcade Fire: Keep The Car Running
From the Album: Neon Bible (Apr)
Canada's most critically acclaimed band is back with their second album; although Neon Bible isn't quite as good as Funeral, it doesn't disappoint.

Feist: I Feel It All
From the Album: The Reminder (May)
Feist is slowly gaining more and more popularity and critical acclaim for her sultry voice and songwriting prowess; The Reminder is an improvement over her impressive Let it Die.

Frog Eyes: Bushels
From the Album: Tears of the Valedictorian (May)
A nine-minute epic from the band who pioneered the spastic sound of current favorites, Wolf Parade and Arcade Fire. I LOVE this song.

Handsome Furs: What We Had
From the Album: Plague Park (May)
The minimalist debut from one of Wolf Parade's co-writers.

Immaculate Machine: Dear Confessor
From the Album: Fables (Jun)
An upbeat little diddy from a New-Pornographers-esque band.

New Pornographers: My Rights Versus Yours
From the Album: Challengers (due Aug)
The New Pornograhers are slowly toning down their power-pop impulses on this, the first single from their forthcoming fourth album.

Stars: The Night Starts Here
From the Album: Our Bedroom After the War (due Sept)
The masters of orchestrated pop love songs follow up their impressive Set Yourself on Fire. Stars are probably Theresa's favorite band.

Kevin Drew (from Broken Social Scene): Tbtf
From the Album: Spirit If... (due Sept)
This is the pre-release track from the first solo album from Kevin Drew, one of Broken Social Scene's primary members.

Sunset Rubdown: Winged/Wicked Things (Daytrotter Session)
From the Album: Random Spirit Lover (due Oct)
This song, available at Daytrotter (a great live music site), will be on Sunset Rubdown's next album. I love Sunset Rubdown, so you should check out all of the songs after this link.


Just Katy said...

Awesome! I know probably a third of those songs, much like my amount of Canada quiz knowledge. I can't wait to start listening.