My Cop-Out Post

I was thinking all yesterday on what profound (or at least humorous) words I could write this week, but alas, no one can be brilliant every day (or, even ever, if you are less than impressed with my blog so far). As for our activities of this week, unless you want to hear about our new fridge or repairing our car, I wont bore you with the details.

Instead, I present to you this clip from a cartoon that Holly and I loved when we were kids back in the 80s. Youtube certainly hasn't helped all of those 20 and 30 somethings who are already becoming almost sickeningly nostalgic. Of course, my present display of nostalgia should be forgiven, considering the pure awesomeness of this video: Animalypics.


Just Katy said...

I LOVE old school Youtube. I was reliving happy childhood memories watching the Noozles and David the Gnome the other day. My absolute favorite youtube cartoon is Hedgehog in the Fog which is a soviet Russia era cartoon about a little hedgehog who goes to visit his friend Bear and encounters the end of the world.

Sarah H said...

I've never seen that cartoon. Looks like a good one. I find it interesting that three of the five or six olympiads they showed include overweight females they made fun of/used their weight for humor.

I loved the animals names and drawings. Some of them I could picture what they would look like if they were humans. :-)

Randal Miller said...

If you watch some of the other clips, you will see that, in addition to weight, the cartoon makes fun of different nationalities... oh the eighties (or seventies - I don't know when it was made), when political correctness probably just meant knowing which candidates were Democrats, and which were Republicans