Wilson Sonsini

It's official. As of yesterday, I have accepted an offer to work at the Palo Alto office of the Law Firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati as a summer associate next year.

That's right, not being one to restrict my moves to short distances, Theresa and I will be packing up next may and traveling the 2824 miles (4544 Km) from one coast to the other. Anyone familiar with my recent history should not be surprised with my decision to once again cross an entire continent in order to forge a new home. In the past five years, I have moved from Mexico City to Edmonton, Alberta (2974 miles/4786 Km), and then from Edmonton to Charlottesville (2423 miles/3899 Km). It seems my motto should be "If the move isn't at least 2000 miles, its not worth doing." I also find it significant that this new move means that I will have lived in the four corners of North America, living in the North (Edmonton), South (Mexico DF), East (Charlottesville) and West (Palo Alto).

But anyways, I am very excited at the opportunity of working with Wilson Sonsini. From what I have learned so far, they are a great firm with a specialty in technology and life sciences. I can't wait


wurstens5 said...

Hey Randy,

It's your favorite cousin Jamie. Man, it's so weird to think of you all grown up and married, and in Law School. How do you like it there? That's great you got a job offer. You should like living in California besides being expensive, but I guess where isn't these days. It's getting out of hand if you ask me. Good to see what your up to, hope to see you and Theresa next Aug. we will be there. Keep in touch

Just Katy said...

Congrats. That's such a cool area of the country, I hope ya'll like it.