A Holiday-Themed Excuse to Show Off Some Pictures From Holly's Visit

This is my thankful post. So much of the internet is dedicated to complaints and complaints about complaints, that it is about time to give thanks. After all, life is pretty good, isn't it. And no, the timing of this post has nothing to do with a certain holiday that occurred this past week.

I am thankful for my family. Especially the ones that come and visit us, as my sister Holly did this weekend (as demonstrated by this - may I say artsy - picture I took on our trip to DC). And of course, I am also thankful for the ones that comment on my blog.

I am thankful for Virginia, to copy the answer that Theresa gave during an amazing dinner we had at out Grandparent's place in Buena Vista last Thursday. It is nice to live in a beautiful part of the world (case and point below), and I have been given so many opportunities here, such as being able to attend UVa and getting a good job for next summer.

And certainly not least, I relate the same answer I gave directly after Theresa extolled the virtues of the old Dominion: I am thankful to Theresa - she may have a playful streak (which is not at all annoying in any sense of the word), but she certainly brings copious amounts of joy to my life. I also love her hat in this picture - she looks like a burglar)

Now for what I am definitely NOT thankful for, since we don't want too much gratitute in one place. I HATE CHRISTMAS ADS: they represent all that is wrong with capitalism by pretty directly saying that you will not be happy unless you buy lots of stuff (and that your loved ones will hate you if you don't get them what they want). OK, I'm going to stop here. I could get carried away...


Kristin said...

So is Theresa fighting off the bear, or teaching him to dance?

I'm with you on the Christmas ads. With the possible exception of the Walgreens holiday ads. The past couple of years they have stood out as almost charming and magical compared to the rest. Of course when you're comparing them to the pile of guilt inducing, superficial rubbish shown nightly for your viewing pleasure, it might not be saying much.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amen on the Christmas ads.
The most anoying ones I find right now are most cell phone ads (I don't know if you see/hear some of them in the states). Everytime I see/hear one of them I get the impression of spoied brats demanding... well everything. I think that says something about our world today, and maybe partly your Fridge post. Everybody wants the best and don't care about waist.

Anonymous said...

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