And Heeere's The Burglar!

That's it! This mediocre thing has gone on long enough! I am myself again, and not a moment too soon. And who inspired this reversal. Well, Bilbo Baggins, if you must know. Thats right, Bilbo started out as quite the average little hobbit, enjoying his second breakfasts and enjoying his quite life free from adventures, when he was visited by Gandalf the Grey. Now, I'm not going to go into the intire story, but needless to say, by the end of his unexpected adventure, he was not so mediore anymore. And if Bilbo could do it, than so could I!

And besides, when Theresa and I were arguing whether or not one of Modest Mouse's new songs "The Parting of the Sensory," was as good as the tracks from "The Moon and Antartica," she countered with this: "Oh, what do you know, you're just mediocre!" That, my friends, was a clear single to regain my place at the head of the curve. Of course, my grades are still somewhere in the middle, but we'll just look over that for the moment.


Just Katy said...

I think that Bilbo Baggins is an excellent role model. Good luck with your burglaring.

Anonymous said...

I think the mediocraty was gone with the previous post about the documentary. If you were average you would not have appreciated the obejective view of the church, you would have been as outraged as the others were.