Now: 80% More Frequent Posts!

Now that I am just an average guy, I decided that my blog ought to look a little more average. Which means, instead of writing one long post each week, I will be writing a short little post every time I feel like it. I am hoping that there will be something up every day (or at least every weekday). This decision has nothing to do with the article I read that said you will get more readers if you post often. It is a completely independent idea. (No wait, independent ideas are something that above-average people come up with. So yes, I admit that I didn't think of this idea myself).

As for the topic of my short posts, they will probably not be a recounting of my day, since I hate that (and even that is a little too mediocre for me). I would say they are random posts, but blogs that actually advertise thier randomness with titles like "Next Stop: Randomness" are getting a little old too. And besides, it is impossible for humans to be truly random. My posts, for example, have an intricate logical connection that, if discovered, will lead to a deeper understanding of the universe.

At least they did. Now they are just pretty average.