Do They Know It's Halloween?

I sure hope they do, or else they might think that Theresa and my costumes reflected the way we really dress. This year, we decided to dress up as the most frightening thing that we could think of: Emo kids! (For those who have not been to high school in the last little while, Emo is a horrible genre of music consisting of 20 or 30 something guys who still think they are 16 and whine-sing about their latest girl trouble. see Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate). The idea just came to me on Saturday, and we just went with it. Overall, I thought our costumes were good, although I was a little uncomfortable in those pants!

So, newly emo-ed, Theresa and I set out last night and had a great time with a bunch of kids who definitely did know it was Halloween. At least I hope they knew it was Halloween, since they set up an elaborate haunted house, which would be strange if they thought it was easter. The house itself was great, but one thing that was missing was Daniel Harker, who was Theresa's 'ol haunted house buddy: when they went to one in Edmonton a few years ago, Danny H would alway cower behind Theresa, and then scream and scream when something jumped out at them. I actually think they had a TV in the works, where those two would travel the world investigating haunted houses, screaming and running around for an hour a week. Its a shame NBC dropped it at the last minute--too frightening for children, they said.

After the haunted house, we then headed for the Law School's Halloween party, but it appears the police forgot it was Halloween and had showed up to take the 'trick' out of 'trick or treat.' So we decided to just keep walking by. All and all, good fun. No picnic in the graveyard, but you can only expect so much, right?

The title of this post, by the way, comes from my favorite Halloween Songs:


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool song. Who's it by?

Just Katy said...

Ya'll have the scariest costume I've seen this year. Emo kids are so Creepy! Those pants are amazing.

Randal Miller said...

The song is by a group of Indie Rockers (including members of Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade,Sonic Youth, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metiric, Beck etc) who call themselves "The Halloween Prevention Institute" and got together to do a spoof on "Do They Know It's Christmas." And like all Indie Rock, the decided to do a benefit song for, well, no reason at all. (They did donate all proceeds of their single to Unicef though - the ultimate Halloween Charity)