Juiced v. Ligers, 10-7

Section J’s second softball game went down today against our Con Law rivals, section I who, in a show of not only terrible spelling, but also the inability to realize that it is no longer 2003, is named the Ligers. Although the Ligers started off strong with four runs in the top of the first, Section Juiced was able to quickly snatch back the lead by the end of the inning. After a few more innings of back and forth runs and an umpire who defended this assertion that even pitches (not mine, of course) that hit our batter were still strikes, Juiced emerged victorious with a final score of 10-7. This win vaulted us into first place (we are the only team in the league who has had 2 games so far). I am also pleased to announce to all of those who think I am merely a defensive player or that pitchers shouldn’t bat, I am still batting 1000.