Because Theresa was scheduled to arrive in the Old Dominion last night, I did not plan on writing a blog post today. But since Mother Nature decided to kick me while I’m down with one of those sharply pointed shoes that have been in style (cruel women are always impeccably fashionable) by sending Minneapolis a snowstorm that canceled my wife’s incoming flight, I am spending Sunday morning alone one more time. So, not having thought of a brilliant idea on which to write, I will fly this one like a blind pilot and list five random and completely pointless observations I have made of late:

1. Law School interviews bear an uncanny resemblance to speed dating: I mean, you are forced to sit across the table from a complete stranger for 20 minutes, force out a conversation about the weather, try your best to feign interest in each others hobbies and then hope to get a call in the next few days. (Yes, this observation does mean I have speed dated. No, I did not meet my wife this way. And yes, speed dating is as completely worthless and agonizing as it sounds.)

2. I don’t know if anyone else who aimlessly wanders the dark bowels of the Law School at night (Grogan?) has noticed this before, but one night after my Genetics class finished watching Gattaca, I heard a muffled cheer from a dimly-lit conference room near my locker. Upon investigation, I discovered a surprisingly large number of Law Students huddled around the table playing Magic: The Gathering. Or at least I think they were law students, but judging from the shady nature of the gathering, they just as probably could have been the mole people of Jennifer Toth’s underground cities, come up for a little air. I mean, I didn’t see that club’s table at the activities fair.

3. Our fellow law students are completely wasting that flat panel TV that is set up so enticingly in the library’s group study room. Whenever I walk past the room after staring at my textbooks for hours, I hope to see someone in their basking in the soft glow of daytime programming that I could join for a study break. But alas, the room is always occupied by one or more students quietly studying (an act that could very well be accomplished in a room with no television), the remote control resting unused on the table and that large, beautiful screen completely black.

4. I have noticed with a hint of satisfaction that public washrooms are the great levelers of society. Whether you are the CEO of a fortune 500 company or a humble sewage diver (I recently watched a program on the world’s worst jobs), if you are at the movies and nature calls, you’ve got to use the same dirty crapper as the next guy. Kind of makes you feel nice inside, in a socialist kinda way.

5. At the risk of sounding overly frugal, I would like to point out that there seems to be an awful lot of fundraisers at a school that costs so much I’ve heard rumors that next year’s tuition will include signing away your first born child. $50 for beer pong? You can’t squeeze blood from a stone! But then again, I am probably underestimating the number of students whose Daddy pays for their school, have already made their first million or are already counting on those big paychecks that are dangled in front of us like the dollar on the cover Nirvana’s “Nevermind”. I am especially baffled that UVa Law churns out enough bake sales to fuel an obesity epidemic. I would complement the school on it’s mastery of the domestic arts, but more than half of the products sold come in a package that says “Krispy Kreme,” or “Harris Teater” on the side. I you love your club so much, roll up your sleeves and do a little work—a batch of cookies takes less than 20 minutes to prepare.

6. I hate Con Law. OK, that was six observations, but it had to be said.


Dan said...

Let's face it. How could anyone let a TV like that go to waste?

P.S: I love those pictures so much.

Anonymous said...

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