Happily Ever After

It’s Done. Hallelujah.

I’m so happy I could vomit.

Theresa Miller is now officially the proud owner of a shiny new American Immigrant Visa. After months of waiting and the expenditure of more dollars that I like to think about, it is all over. The sad part is that after all that waiting, spending, and more than one harrowing journey across the continent, the entire process culminated in a five minute interview. That’s right, we waited four eight excruciating months and flew through blizzardy torrents over Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, just so Theresa can go sit in a small room for five minutes while a consulate officer quickly skims the documents that cost us our fare share of blood and sweat, more than or fair share of tears (Theresa’s of course, I’m to manly to show that kind of emotion), and perhaps just a milligram of begging in order to give her a little stamp in her passport, send her on her way and call in the next applicant.

Oh well, I am just so overjoyed and relieved that everything went well and our separation is finally behind us, I don’t care how anticlimactic the process was. So, for anyone who was beginning to doubt the American immigration policy that lets thousands of illegal immigrants across its borders every year but strictly forbids entry to a young and harmless girl from visiting her husband simply because she was too honest to lie to the port officer, you can take solace in this outcome. The process does work—kind off.

My immigration problems don’t end her, though, and it looks like my next challenge might be even more difficult than my first. Now I have to put my bureaucrat-fighting skills to work trying to register my car in Virginia. Aye…

Well, I don’t really know what to say now: one of the main topics of my blog is finished and I don’t really have too much more to write. I suppose all of you can get back to checking out all of the other web pages that you brose during class time, whether it’s CNN, the Onion, Pitchfork Media (my personal favorite) or, in Sam’s case, other sites that I will not mention because my family reads this blog. Or should I say my family used to read this blog, since “Adventures in a Strange and Distant Land” has officially come to a close.

Yes, of course I am joking. Someone who thinks so highly of his wit and ingenious sentence structuring would defiantly not stop posting on his blog simply because he has absolutely nothing more to say.

Especially when he had nothing to say to begin with.

See you soon


Anonymous said...

First off Randy, Garner Andrews is always talking about the "man tear" and encouraging men to admit to their man tears so I think you can admit to yours. Secondly I hardly believe that YOU, of all people, have nothing more to say. After all you are still in a strange and distant land.