I have changed the settings so that anyone can post comments, regardless of whether or not you have a blogspot account, and I encourage all to do so, partly so that you can voice your own two cents, but mostly to feed my own self-aggrandizing sense of self-worth that is so caught up in other peoples opinions that if I don't get any feedback, I just might end up with a serious eating disorder--I haven't decided which one yet, but I'm currently leaning towards hyperphagia.


Anonymous said...

I just thought I would post a comment so you do feel better. By the way how is the hostage situation? I hope hoodie is doning ok.

Anonymous said...

I think your eating disorder would be due to not having your wife cook for you.

Randal Miller said...

Good point, but I don't think eating too many frozen pizza qualifies as an eating disorder

Anonymous said...

Google the best SE!