UVa Has Class?

To get this whole blog thing rolling, I have decided to transfer over my last couple of posts.
This on is actually from Sept. 7:

Dear Diary,

I have a terrible and shocking confession to make: I didnt actually make it to the wine tasting party! I know, I feel like such a phoney. I tried, but i couldnt find the house. Curse these streets that have various names! I seriously dont know why these streets change names so ofthen But, to make up for my lack of wine tasting class, I am going to a UVa football game on sat. I know what you are thinking:

"Oh Randy, the only thing lower class then a football game is nascar. you might as well marry your cousin and live out of your car in a Walmart parking lot"

But... apparently, everyone who goes to these games is supposed to wear a shirt and tie or a sun dress! And because all of my sun dresses are so last season, im going to go with the tie. Talk about eastern schools having class. I feel like i should get a tweed jacket with the school crest on it. If I had that, then I will be invited to every wine tasting party in charlottesville. And there will be a lot, we do live in wine country, you know I could talk about the advantages of aristotilean virtue ethics as opposed to benthanic hedonistic utilitarianism. Did you know there is a building on campus that looks very old and has big huge concrete letters on the side that say SOCRATES. whats the deal with that? Oh well, it just goes to show how high class we are out east.

So are you sure you want to go to law school. It can be pretty rough. They use the socratic method. (can you believe that i just refered to socrates in two completly unrelated parts of my email?) Anyway, it means that the prof just says your name and asks you all of these hard and scary questions, and you are supposed to be so elequant and answer them based on your readings, which you apparently are supposed to memorize!

So here is my conversation today:

Prof: Mr. Miller (yes they say Mr.), say you are the council for the defendent, why would you say that the plantif has no cause of action.

Me: um, well... the case says that the plantif does have cause

P: yes, but what would your arguemnet be?

M: I dunno, it seems pretty clear that he has cause of action

P: Well, lets look at the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, What rule does the judge refer to in this passage?


P: which rule did the judge use to base his verdict?

M:... (i frantically look through the pages of the case for one little sentence that refers to a federal rule)....

P: Mr. Miller?






P: Miss Sheppe, how would YOU defend the claim that the plantif has no cause of action?

Arrggghhh! The worst part is that the answer was right there in front of me, and i even had it highlighted. I couldnt have been more embarrased if I had accidently shaved off my eyebrows while sleepwalking and tried to draw them back on with a black marker! I pretty much wanted to die, i felt so stupid. The Moral is: you better be sure you want into this whole law school thing. (So, was my dramitization effective?)

so i guess i had a killer week, but i mean it in a "Im going to kill myself before this school week is over." This weekend should be a good one, you should come done when there is a football game, it sounds like it will be totally a riot

Oh, and i went to the spanish party. It was actually a "Conversationalist Club", and it was mostly people learning spanish, but it was at the house of this family from Salvador. They made these things that the called "pasteles", but it wasnt at all cake or cake-like. They were like empanadas, with this meat stuff inside, and you put on this homemade salsa. They were so good i ate my wieght in them. Now i weigh double what i did a week ago: 300 lbs! And there was this cool girl from spain and she spoke with that lispy accent and i loved it. Not in a "I love you sweety" way, but a "I love cheese" way.

thats it for today. cant wait for your next message danny boy