That's That

If there is anyone who has not completely giving up on this blog, you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything for a month. Well, there's a good reason for that: I have decided to put it on an indefinite hiatus. I've found that there are many other things that I should/want to do more than write in this blog. For my family, who like reading what I have been up to, I will write on the Cottle Blog every once and a while to let everyone know about life in Virginia. So that's it.

Well.... that might not entirely be it. Although I am sure I want to take an extended break from this blog, I do enjoy having a creative outlet. So I have began writing (very intermittently) a travel story about my trip to Mexico a few years ago, so I will probably post that as it grows. These post will be very infrequent, but if you're board at work or something, you could pop over and see if I've updated.

Thanks for reading


davecharliebrown said...

Awww, man!! I love reading your blog. It's my regular dose of comedy. Come back soon!!

Holly said...

This is one of my favorite blogs. It will be sorely missed. Work hard and hopefully we'll see your return due to popular demand