The Year is Dying, Let It Die!

Dear Friends and Family,

Having lived in Virginia for an entire year, we feel ourselves expert enough on our adopted home to use the balance of this letter to provide a guide to the Old Dominion and its surrounding area:

Charlottesville: A magnificent college town so inviting that we decided to spend the entire year previous within its boundaries. During the school year, Randal spent the majority of his days in the halls of the University of Virginia School of Law, and Theresa resumed her educational career by beginning a pharmacy technician program at National College. And during the summer, this town offers many employment opportunities, such as Randal’s job as a research assistant, and Theresa’s at the student health center.

Buena Vista: The headquarters of our Cottle grandparents’ mission is a quaint town that every traveler should visit. We have spent many fun-filled days there, attending plays, having picnics, swimming in creeks, watching 4th of July fireworks and enjoying a magnificent thanksgiving feast with family.

Richmond/Williamsburg: these towns are filled with fascinating historic sites from both colonial and civil war periods, sure to delight nerdy kids and adults alike, as they delighted Randal’s parents, who came for a jam-packed two-week visit in August.

King’s Dominion: a magical amusement park where you can loop-d-loop, traverse volcanoes, ride water-slides and meet Dora the Explorer. Having enjoyed its wonders with our cousins Addy, Ben, and Matt, we can confidently recommend it to anyone who likes a little excitement in their lives.

The Outer Banks, NC: even during October, this beach getaway is perfect for a group of Law student couples who wish to spend fall break relaxing and playing in the ocean. We know this from personal experience.

Palo Alto, CA: although you might not think of California as part of Virginia’s surrounding area, it has become close to our hearts, as Randal has accepted an offer to work there next summer.

Washington DC: with its many monuments and museums, as well its spectacular temple, DC is a must-see for any Virginia visitor. We traveled to this metropolis many times, the last of which in November, where Holly spent one day of her thanksgiving visit.

Alberta: will always be home. We can’t wait to see y’all at Christmas.
- Randal and Theresa Miller


Holly said...

Is that Lily in the picture?

Kathy Miller said...

Randy--we need some new content! The year is DEAD!