More Economy Day (Christmas) Arguments

So, the whole "Ho Ho Ho" firing thing may or may not have been a myth, but I am still going to stick with Economy Day. But changing the name of December's holiday has not resolved any of Theresa and my disagreements. We have compromised on the advent calender thing (Theresa is counting down, and I'm counting up) but we are now having a new fight: when presents come in the mail, can you open them right away?

I wont tell you who holds which opinion, as to not influence your opinion.


Kristin said...

My vote is no, you do not open the gift as soon as it arrives. You open the box enough and take the gifts out (and hopefully they are wrapped -- if they are not wrapped, that is the signal that it's okay to open it before Christmas) and then place them under the tree for opening on Christmas.

I'm always disappointed when I send a gift to someone and they open it upon arrival instead of on Christmas. If I send a gift I want them to open BEFORE Christmas, I will either indicate that on the package, or will not wrap the contents, as was the case with what I sent your mom this year (which hopefully arrived in good condition).

That's my view.

Randal Miller said...

Your gift did arrive in good condition, but when I arrived home on the 20th, they had not yet opened the package, since they were debating whether or not the should. I put an end to that debate, and were happy to open and display they yule log.

Holly said...

The debate was if Grandma opened it and was displaying it should we since we figured that's probably what was in the package. I guess that shows that our family is of the opinion that you wait until Christmas to open anything that comes in the mail.
I like you Kristin would wrap the contents inside if it's too be a gift. The wrapping used for the mail is sooo ugly. Presents need nice Christmas paper.