Alla Es Mexico

Last post I listed the plethora of historic sights that my parents and I took in during their brief visit to the old dominion. Another highlight of their trip, I am confidant that my parents will mention, was the numerous restaurants we patronized during the last few days. Now, as Theresa and I are far too poor to eat out nearly as many times as we would like to, and given the enormous selection of fine eating establishments this fine city has to offer, I am by no means an expert in Charlottesville's culinary treasures; I can however offer one piece of useful dining advice to my fellow residents: A small, out of the way establishment called "Aqui Es Mexico" (221 Carlton Rd) serves the best Mexican Food in Charlottesville. By Far. (I mean, Baja Bean?? Gag me!) In fact, I would go as far as saying it is the best Mexican food I have eaten on the Northern side of that oh-so-controversial boarder. Try the Tacos al Pastor. And the Pupusas. And the Enchiladas. And the Sopes. You get the picture.

And for desert? Now, we all know that Splendora serves incredible Gelato, and Arches' frozen yogurt is great, but if you are looking for a delicious frozen treat and also a throwback to the simpler times that, of course, I cannot remember because it was a full 30 years before I was born, try Timberlake's Drug Store on the Downtown mall. They've got a little 50s-style soda fountain back there that makes a mean milkshake.


Just Katy said...

Mmmm. I love Aqui Es Mexico. I'll have to try to the milkshakes at the drug store. Have ya'll tried Mas yet? Very yummy.

Amy said...

i love Aqui es Mexico too! especially the papusas- we went there for my bday. Saw you guys tanning at the pool today! looked fun! we should do dinner/game night one of these days again at our place! maybe instead of my cooking we should just get aqui es mexico take-out- yum!