A Life Goal Accomplished

What a great Day today is in the humble life of this lowly blogger. One of my life goals has now been accomplished. That's correct, I have been mentioned on pitchfork media, the premier indie music sight that I read more religiously than the bible. Some of you are probably thinking that I must be joking, but alas, it is true. The following is taken from today's Pitchfork News (original source here):

Stars Battle Leaks by Releasing Digital Bedroom Today!

It was a little over a week ago that the first peek behind the door of In Our Bedroom After the War, the latest from ethereal indie-poppers Stars, made its way onto the internet. You might've glanced at the tracklist, perhaps nabbed new jam "The Night Starts Here" on Forkcast, and sighed wistfully, wishing away the hours between now and September 25. But when Stars are involved, seems wishes sometimes come true.

In an Arts & Crafts posting directed to "friends, fans and supporters of Stars," the band and label explain that the final mix of In Our Bedroom After the War was delivered Friday, July 6, but that, through the process of getting the CD to journalists and radio stations, "inevitably someone will leak the album." Though they don't exactly condemn the leak process, they're not really happy about the monetary losses involved, and, "as such, [they] are making the new Stars album available for download today."

That's right: Stars' In Our Bedroom After the War is, as of today, available (legally) via digital retailers (including A&C's own online shop). It's like a glimpse into the future... now!

"It's our hope," Stars and A&C write, "that given a clear, legal alternative to downloading music for free, you will choose to support the creators." Well played, guys. Well played, indeed.

The real album (in CD and double-LP form) will still hit shelves September 25, though by then, you'll hardly have much need for a lyric sheet, willya? Thanks to several readers (who we have to assume are bumpin' War all legal-like at present) for the tip.

And where in this news item am I mentioned you may ask. Well, right there at the end: "Thanks to several readers for the tip." That's right, I am one of those "several readers" who noticed the unprecedented release of Stars' new album and wrote in to my favorite website. It's time to hold my head up high.