I Have Succombed to the Wiley Tempations of the Enemy of all Mankind

Ok, ok, I am late posting this week, but I have a good excuse: my life has been taken over by an insidious new technological innovation that has captured the heart of many of our unsuspecting youth. This horrible vice I am talking about is Facebook. Yes, I know, on my first post at this address I disavowed myspace as a horrible waste of time and vowed to myself to not spend another minute of my life on such vain pursuits. Yet here I am, mere months later, lured in by the silken cords of myspace’s older and only very slightly more mature, sibling. How did it happen, you ask? Quite unsuspectingly. I actually signed up months ago to check out some pictures that one of my classmates posted of our Halloween costumes. After seeing the pics, I left my membership stagnant until just a couple of days ago when I got an innocuous email from another section-mate, saying that he had added me as a friend on Facebook. Then the very next day, I was IMing with Danny H, and he brought out his Facebook page, so I added him as a friend as well. After this, friend requests started pouring in and I finally succumbed to properly creating my profile, most likely because I was so flattered by this attention I craved more. So now I am hooked—boiled like that frog who is placed in a pot of water whose temperature is unnoticeably increased. I feel so ashamed of myself.

Anyway, if you Facebook, lets be friends!

Other than this, my week has been pretty bland and uneventful. It is getting to the end of the semester, so I have decided to start clocking in longer hours, much to Theresa’s dismay. On the weekend, we headed down to Buena Vista to spend Easter with my Grandparents. So ya, fun. I really can’t think of much more to say… I guess that is what you get when you post out of a feeling of obligation rather than a deep love of the convoluted sentence.