Softball's Back

Spring is in the air. The temperature is rising (to a whole 26 degrees Celsius yesterday), the trees are budding and North Grounds Softball is back. That’s right—its time to dust off the ‘ol Juiced Jersey, import that glove you have been using since little league from Canada, grab a six pack of beverage with whatever alcohol content that you deem appropriate, and head over to Copley Field for some slow-pitching action. I know I’m ready, and have been working on my “Corner Gas” style pitching—especially Brent’s signature pitch: the Fried Green Tornado.

Section Juiced sailed to a comfortable victory over their first opponent of the year, Lobster Clause, a team who, believe it or not, actually drinks more than Section J. I do really have to commend them for their amazing spirit, which even included theme songs for all of their players. I am going to say though, that they should be glad that our team decided not to hang a big K every time I struck one of them out, as they did, or they would have been mighty embarrassed.

Oh, am I every glad that softball is back—it’s like my blog has regained something that it had lost last November. A special piece of its soul nestled close to its heart.