Me In A Pink Tree

Me in a pink tree. No explanation needed.

You may have noticed the t-shirt I am wearing. Yes, it does say Westlaw. And yes, this means that just like this year’s Libel Show, I have officially sold out . And do you know what? I doesn’t feel as bad as all those hipsters make it out to be. I mean, while all the cool kids are going out and spending hundreds of dollars to advertise for companies like Lacoste and Abercrombie and Finch, I am advertising for free. It just makes more sense to let the people who benefit from the publicity front the bill. In fact it makes such sense that I, in my usual fashion of taking my arguments to its ultimate and often absurd conclusion, have decided to completely overhaul my entire wardrobe with free clothing. That is right, if your organization is giving out free t-shirts, let me know, and I will gladly pick one up. I already have a good start, what with my ‘Hoo Crew shirt, my Diversity Pledge shirt, Section J’s softball jersey, and that shirt I got for volunteering for the Admitted Students Weekend. The plan is that by the end of my three years here, I will not have a piece of clothing that does not have the words “University of Virginia” on it or otherwise sport that oh-so-fashionable orange V. I don’t think the plan is to far-fetched either, considering how eager groups are here to give me free shirts.

The one disappointing exception was the libel show, which did not provide their volunteer ushers with those red tops that were on display for so long. Instead, they gave us the opportunity to buy the shirts for three dollars. $3? Please don’t insult me. Ok, $3 is pretty cheap, but lets look at the competition: Admitted Students Weekend Volunteers—free shirts, North Grounds Softball Volunteers—free shirts. Sorry Libel Show, nice try.

Speaking of the Libel Show, despite the high price for volunteer shirts, I greatly enjoyed the program. It really was quite funny, and almost met the standard of UVa humor set by this very blog. If I were to award a “Best Actor” award to someone in the cast, I would have to give it to Socially Insensitive Girl: her performance was so convincing, and I felt so akin to that guy who received no call-backs that I actually felt a well of hatred for her boiling up inside of me and I had to consciously remember the mediator’s reminder to not throw things at the stage. Moving. The one complaint I do have (besides the shirts), is that I was really long. Three and a half hours? come on. Oh sure, it was funny, but a skit show that long, much like making an over-inflated double album (a’hem RHCP), is bound to have some filler, such as that Buddhist Biker Bar Song. I mean, I got that The Buddhist Biker is a bar just like “Cheers” in the first 10 seconds. I didn’t need the whole song. Ok, but now I am getting too critical. The Libel Show was great. 4 1/3 stars out of 5.