A Guest Blogger Means You Don't Have to Listen to Me (as much)

You can tell it’s Valentines when just about every organization in the western world either sells roses, candy-grams (or any other kind of love-themed gram), or allow computers to take the jobs of well-meaning aunts everywhere and attempt to match you up with your perfect mate. (I personally didn’t participate in this last activity, for ever since that year where I was accidentally listed as a girl I haven’t trusted my intimate details to a scan-tron). In truth, though, I have never really treated February fourteenth to be any different from the thirteenth, or the twelfth. That is, until now.

This Valentines Day, I have opened my blog to a special guest author. Hot of the presses and more anticipated then The Arcade Fire’s next album, I am proud to present the sequel to Bailey Miller’s highly successful book “All About Love,” which delighted readers worldwide and inspired a film by the same name (this being a documentary made by your own humble author for his wedding reception). For those of you who aren’t well enough read to recognize this work, I have reproduced it in its entirety below:

All About Love:
By Bailey, Illustrated by Bailey

Some people are in love. My brother is in love
Don’t forget love; you can never forget love
Wow! Being in love is hard. Yes, it is hard
Even getting married, buying all those things
I like food. Food is yummy
Food is Important; you can never forget food
Mmm, carrots
Can love be in the sea? No
In the park? No
Ring Pop
Whatever your name is, you will always get married
Yes! They kissed! The End. Kiss!

And now, part two:
All About Love: Version 2
Writing by: Bailey Miller

Once upon a time, there was two people named Randy and Theresa. They Lived in a Castle


Wow! Wrong story
[This is a joke: Bailey tricked us by making us think that she was going to write a story about Theresa and I having a baby. A situation which will not be occurring any time soon, I can assure you. For one thing, I think that the couple actually has to be in the same country to have a baby together]

Love is love and you respect it! Now, love is when two people fall in LOVE

Kids can't fall in love! They're not old enough!

A message from the government of Canada: Canada Rocks!

About the author: she is seven years old. She has four siblings

To end, I just want to say to my dear and sweet wife, Theresa: I love you.

That is all