Thumbs Up!

Because of my tendency to take whatever side of an issue that serves my fancy, I am a perennial flip-flopper, and therefore fear that, because of slanderous advising of my future opponent, I will not ever obtain my life-long goal of one day becoming the president of the United States and using my power to 1. Make sure that the Canadian wives of American students are able to enter the country freely, 2. Converting the country to the metric system, 3. Instigating a $1 coin so that you can actually use money in vending machines without having your bill rejected at least seven times, and 4. Ending poverty and instigating world peace under a Platonic global oligarchy with myself as the Sovereign-for-Eternity, and the rest of the philosopher kings definatly not including all those stuffy Ivy-leaguers who think that they are the smartest people in the country, when really they were only accepted because their daddy donated a new wing to the library, and ultimately just end up reducing the quality of education for all of those people who made it through their own hard work and intelligence. (And, of course, I am confident that any Ivy-leaguer reading this belong to that hard work/intelligence category).

But I digress. What I am really trying to say that I have completely reversed my opinion of the Virginia Law Weekly and now believe that, not only are they justified in displaying our university’s founder on their cover, but have also earned the coveted “Most Perfect Collection of Words to Ever be Recorded in the History of Language” award, instigated by your own future-sovereign-for-eternity. In fact, I think instead of the Law Weekly displaying a picture of Jefferson on their cover, Jefferson should display a replica of our newspaper on his tombstone. Why such a change of heart? Well, the following was printed in this week’s edition:

For any of you who are not content with simply being force-fed
whatever news Big-Media deems appropriate, Here is a chance to fight
the power and participate in what has been given the slightly
communist-like title of "citizens media" by reading one student's
blog response to an undeserved "thumbs down" from last weeks ANG at

Yes, I’m sure you expert linguists have already figured out that this sounds an awfully lot like something I would write and I admit it now: I did write it, but only at the Virginia Law Weekly’s invitation.

They also had this to say:

Thumbs up to Professor Hynes for instigating, then mediating, a bet between dueling sections C and J over which team would win a softball game. And thumbs up to Section J for winning, then getting to decide the on-call order for Section C. Next week, you all should have a rematch with each team's Magic: The Gathering collection at stake.

Is it just me, or does this law school seem to have an obsession with Magic: The Gathering. I think they should all just quit thier over-compensating, come out of the closet and set up an official leauge. And, in case anyone is counting, that is Section J's 3rd thumbs up in two months.

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