I'll Take Whatever 15 Minutes I Gan Get

I am seriously starting to think that the Jefferson portrait on the front of the Virginia Law Weekly should be replaced with a picture of… umm… oh, some old American president that everyone hated, especially if the president was known for publishing newspapers that used rash judgments as the basis for uniformed, mundane and uncreative statements about the activities of law students. Why such a condemning opening statement? Mostly for fun really, because, although I single-handedly (yet anonymously) received a thumbs down form “Around North Grounds,” which may seem enough of an insult to merit a strongly worded blog entry, I am actually happy to have been considered important enough to warrant a published rebuke from a bunch of editors I’ve never met and will wear that thumbs down as a badge of honor. Maybe next time I'll actually get a thumbs up--perhaps for somthing like "best blog ever"--and finally earn the fame and adoration that will surely come from being complemented by such a prestigious publication. However, even though I have made peace with my thumbs down, I do feel the need for a little clarification.

My first in which may turn out to be a great many ANG thumbs down reads: “Thumbs down to people who bring casebooks to football tailgates. You can’t learn how to enjoy life.” It is referring to the time when I… well, brought a casebook to a football tailgate. On the surface, this does seem like a pretty nerdy thing to do, and as such would be completely against my nature, but the truth of the matter is that I was actually just walking past the tailgate on my way to the Law School in order to study for my Monday Civ Pro midterm that I had not reviewed for earlier because I was too busy actually enjoying life with Theresa during fall break, when the guest of the aforementioned party called me over to join them, and subsequently pointed out that bringing a casebook to a tailgate was unqualifiably lame. Well, the only reason I actually consented to attending the party was because it was lunchtime ant I was lured to by the prospect of free barbeque, which, much to my dismay, was conspicuously absent and made the tailgate much less of a party and more of a group of guys standing around at noon and killing their brain-cells. So, without even breaking my stride, I walked around the house and promptly snuck through a hedge and continued on my way to the library, casebook in hand.

Just to re-iterate, I actually hold no ill will towards Virginia Law Weekly, and I wrote this post mostly because I probably get as much enjoyment from arguing in convoluted prose about silly little issues that really do not mean anything to anyone as much as Saturday’s tailgaters get from standing around with red and blue plastic cups in their hands. Why do you think I want to be a lawyer?