Legally Blonde 3

Another belated post, this one from Sept 13,

Dear Diary,

If the moral of my last post was that Law School is Hard, then the moral of this post is that Law School is Wicked Fun. Not that the fun we are having is wicked, although there are probably many people who think that there must be something wicked happening if it includes a bunch of Lawyers having fun, but that the fun we are having is so incredibly fun that, not only should it be labeled as wicked, but also that wicked and fun should be capitalized.

Point number 1 concerning the above statement:

I went to the football game, and, lets all face it. There may or may not have been at least one keg-stand at the tailgate party. Now, I wont say who actually participated in said activity, but unless the keg was filled with mango Jumex, which, by the way sells for 50 cents a can here, you could be pretty certain that it wasn’t me. So, after the tailgate, we (being Section J and I) head over to the game, which is free for all UVa students. It started out with a huge marching band and one of those baton-twirling girls. Now, I have to say that I was highly disappointed in the lack of shirts and ties. I mean I go to all of the trouble of buying a new sundress and painting on my eyebrows extra-carefully, and no one else seemed to go to the same lengths as I did. It’s frustrating. What actually happened was that the couch just told everyone that instead of ties, he wants the fans to all wear orange shirts because it is the team color. Aye. But the game was fun. It turns out that our team actually sucks more than a Hoover. BUT, we did win. In overtime. Because the other team missed an extra point. So it was close and fun. I have decided that I should become a college football player. I mean, I am pretty much so strong, and while going to law school I have so much free time, I could easily become a linebacker or something like that.

Point two:

It seem like here at UVa, Softball is even more important as learning about the Mens Rea element of statutory crimes. Our sections first game was a come from behind victory lead by our superstar pitcher, which, in case you are wondering, was me. I’m also on the LDS team, so I will be like a double agent. I hope that my section J mates wont find out. If this were a romantic comedy movie, I would probably have a girlfriend on each team, and then at the end, our two teams would have to play each other in the softball final. I probably would have to keep running back and forth from the bushes in order to change my uniform. I would almost get away with it too, except, in the last inning I would have to go up to bat with two outs and the bases loaded. And at the same time, my other team would call me in to replace the pitcher. I would have to decide which team to let down, and which girl I like better. What would I do?! Would I pick the one who is a good dancer like Brittney Spears or would I pick the one who looks like a cartoon character? Naturally, I'd get caught, but it will all work out it the end. I’d like to see Reese Witherspoon pull that one off! (By the way, I'd pick the good dancer, by the way, because the cartoon girl will turn out to be Kalan Porter!)

So, in class today, good 'ol section J decided to have this game, where the first person to ask or answer a question and say 'meow" would win a beer. Well, you can just imagine that that class was pretty much hilarious. There were a few meows, but the one who took the cake (or the beer, rather), was Train, who actually used the phrase "the cat's meow." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (yes, I ended my laugh with an H) the whole class just started laughing, and the prof was so bewildered. BEWILDERED! I'd like to see 'ol Reese pull that one off too!

OK, one more random story: Our Civ Pro Professor is kind of young (30s), yet he seems as conservative as all of the other Profs here, with his cuff-links and glasses, and is so boring that one person actually shoved a pencil in his eye, just to get out off his class and go down to the nurses office. Well, it turns out that Professor Garrett may or may not be the lead singer in a really bad heavy metal band! WHA? It’s true. We found his band's web page. Its called 'CrackJacks', have a self-released album called 'Wire Mother', and sell t-shirts that say "why are you so cold to me?" Needless to say, the first person that says that in class will win more then a beer I think.

I think I see the makings of a "Legally Blonde 3" here. Of course, I would be the main character, and after the movie comes out in Mexico, they will have to start a new brand of hair color called "Miller Blonde #3" oh dear.

Well, that's it